Let’s Get This Bread

| 2024-02-19 |



Alaina couldn’t be more excited for her upcoming interview. She has dreamed about having a cooking show for as long as she can remember, and she finally has a shot at making her dreams come true with a local news station. She shares the good news with her stepson, Sam. Alaina is so excited she pulls Sam’s cock out and starts sucking it, begging him for his help with the interview. Sam agrees and tells Alaina she needs to take a deep breath and regain her composure. They’re both excited about the opportunity, and having a little fun is just what they need to celebrate. During the digital interview, Sam feels up his stepmom’s tits and legs, keeping Alaina calm. To really help with her focus, Sam bends Alaina over, lifts her skirt, and fucks her from behind. A good dick down is precisely what Alaina needed to nail her interview. She later puts together her videotape for the cooking segment - it’s sure to turn some heads. As Alaina bakes delicious bread from scratch, Sam acts as her assistant. However, anyone watching the bread tutorial may have a different takeaway. Sam fucks his stepmom on camera and helps her build the perfect loaf. They mess around in the kitchen until the bread is ready to come out of the oven. The texture is perfect - light and airy and full of flavor. Sam cums hard on Alaina’s face as she enjoys the fruits of her labor. This cooking show is undoubtedly off to the right start!
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