Queen's Sexual Escapade

| 2024-02-17 |



We're out in public trying to find a couple who is excited as we are about fucking. We use our drone to look for anyone fooling around and to our luck we see a beautiful girl sucking her boyfriend's dick. They get surprised and stop when they see the drone until we pull up to ensure it's all okay. Only to find out it was Kira Queen and her nice tits who was out here sucking dick. They wanted us to leave until we suggested we could shoot a scene for them, and they agreed. Even with the beautiful landscape in the background, Kira Queen's ass and tits distract me from watching the trees blow. But whart's good looking at trees when Kira is here getting her pussy stretched. Watch Kira Queen get drilled in by a hard cock until she gets a cums**t spread all over her fat ass.
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