Shes Trying To Be A Home Wrecker - S2:E2

| 2024-02-13 |




Madi Collins wants to fuck her Rion King's dad so he won't marry Madi's mom, but she can't find him. She lets herself into Rion's house to search high and low. When Rion questions her, Madi explains her plan. Rion tells her his dad is out of town. After taking a moment to reassess the situation, Madi peels her clothes off down to her underwear and goes for Rion instead. She guzzles the D, bobbing her head up and down in a deep throat blowjob. When Rion is clearly willing to go further, Madi climbs onto his dick for a cowgirl stiffie ride in her trimmed twat. Turning around, Madi twerks as she gives it to Rion in reverse cowgirl. She gets on her knees for a doggy style pussy pounding, then rolls onto her back so Rion can finish her off. Rion pulls out to blow his load on Madi's stomach. Once she's done licking the treat from her fingertips, she pulls out a cell phone and snaps a selfie to send to her mom.
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